Friday, 31 January 2014

Planet Snak

Chuck Gammage put together the pitch for this job. He designed and colored the 3 characters in less than an hour. Later that morning the both of us drove into Toronto to meet the agency creative and we were subsequently awarded the job. Chuck truly is a titan in the animation industry. He is able to design and draw anything in any style in record time.

I did these with acrylic paint back before I was introduced to Photoshop, or before Chuck's studio was building product in CGI. The cookies were painted on card and the bite marks were painted on an acetate overlay.

I drew all the Backgrounds for this commercial and Clive Powsey painted the majority of them (non digital). The box logos (Oreo, Ritz, Chocolate chip) where added later in post.

Thursday, 30 January 2014


My parents occasionally 'sign' me up to do various design work for people in the local community near where they live. This one I did while I was working in the UK years ago. The brief was to have a classic cartoony WB sort of feel. Apparently the team was happy with the image and so was my mom because I let her keep the payment. Once I was paid with a roast of Emu, which is quite tasty. A few times I have been paid peanuts...